Measuring tremor made easy

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What is Tremor?

Shaking as a disease

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Clinical Trial

at the Medical University of Graz

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Tremipen® Home Introduction

Home Monitoring for Tremor Patients available upon May 2020

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provivamed Healthcare to become partner for Switzerland and Austria

New Partner for Switzerland and Austria!provivamed Healthcare

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Tremipen® now available in Australia

First Overseas Market for Tremitas. Welcome to Australia

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Shaking Hands

Every human has shaking hands sometimes: cold, anxiety or nervousness can be triggers for the shaking. Some people have a permanent shaking in their hands; the medical term for this shaking is tremor. But not only diseases like Parkinson’s can be accompanied by the shaking; tremor can have many causes.

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Tremipen® - Measuring Tremor made easy

The Tremipen® is the first mobile measurement device for tremor quantification that can be used by doctors and tremor patients themselves to measure force and frequency of their tremor in the upper extremities (shaking hands). To measure a tremor with the Tremipen® is as easy as measuring the body’s temperature with a clinical thermometer:

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Tremitas GmbH

The Tremitas GmbH is a medical technology company from Klagenfurt am Wörthersee in Austria that specialised in the development of medical devices which are intended to be used in areas of movement disorders. Tibor Zajki-Zechmeister, one of the founders, had the initial idea for the Tremipen® during his studies of biomedical engineering at the FH Klagenfurt.

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