Areas of Use

Tremor parameters are an indication for differential diagnosis of diseases and for the improvement of therapies. To overcome the drawbacks of the current tremor analysation methods, the Tremipen® was developed. With current available technologies, like EMG or EMG-Accelerometer, tremor quantification is bound to clinics or doctor’s office. These devices are stationary and need qualified personnel to make measurements and evaluate them. The time factor is also important. These kinds of assessments need a huge amount of time, sometimes even over an hour.

To assess the tremor amplitude and the tremor frequency without such tools is often difficult because the human eye has a too low resolution for assessing tremor objectively. The Tremipen® measures the tremor amplitude and the tremor frequency objectively in 30 seconds; the results are shown immediately after a measurement on the display. Due to its easy usability it is possible for patients to also measure their tremor without the assistance of a medical expert.



Why Tremipen®?

A summary of Dr. Mariella Kögl
Neurogeriatric department, LKH Graz

Possible Areas of Use


Initial Assessment

“A new patient arrives at a hospital and is complaining about tremor in one of their hands. A measurement with Tremipen® is implemented to receive initial information about the tremor amplitude and the tremor frequency. The frequency and the amplitude can provide information and combined with additional tests, a first diagnostic assessment can be made.


Effectiveness of Medication

“A patient with PD complains about the current medication and says that their symptoms such as tremor are becoming stronger. The doctor prescribes a new medication and asks the patient to come back in a week. Tremipen® is used to make a measurement during the current visit and a measurement in a week. The tremor amplitude shows whether the medication had effects on the tremor intensity or not.”


Home Monitoring

“A doctor would like to see how strong a patient is shaking during everyday life. A Tremipen® is lent to the patient and the patient is asked to make measurements at home once a day for a month. The patient writes down the results after each measurement and brings the results back after a month.”


Clinical Trials

“A new drug against Essential Tremor will be tested within a clinical trial. The trial participants receive a Tremipen® and are asked to make daily measurements twice for 2-3 months. After finishing the trial, the Bluetooth interface is used to extract information from the Tremipen® so that measurement data is available for statistical analysis.”


Rehabilitation Centres

“A rehabilitation centre is focusing on patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Nurses create daily movement protocols to check on the progress during a rehabilitation therapy. The Tremipen® results are added to the movement protocols so that an objective parameter is available to check on the progress.”


Improvement of Therapy

“A doctor would like to try a new therapeutic approach with a patient having tremor and recommends the patient to go walking or swimming every day. A measurement with Tremipen® is taken before and 2 weeks after the new therapeutic approach. Additionally, the patient does two measurements per day at home, one before the activity and one after the activity. The comparable measurements indicate if the tremor amplitude changed due to the therapy or not.”