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World Parkinson’s Day 11th of April: Improve patient’s everyday lives with UNIQA and Tremipen

20.000 Austrians suffer from Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s is, next to strokes and Alzheimer’s, the most common neurological disease in the world.

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UNIQA is supporting an innovative start-up that wants to improve the life quality of Parkinson’s patients.

In Austria there are about 20.000, most of the time elderly, people suffering from Parkinson’s; men are more often affected than women. Due to the increasing life span of humans, experts assume that the number of Parkinson’s patients will double until 2030.

Slower movements, muscle stiffness, shaking muscles in rest position and lacking stability while standing upright – these are the four main symptoms of the Parkinson’s Disease. At Parkinson’s nerve cells in the brain, that produce the messenger substance dopamine, die off. Due to this reduction it comes to a lack of dopamine; that lack then triggers the typical symptoms of the disease.

Improve patients’ everyday lives with long-term monitoring

There is no cure for patients with Parkinson’s. For medicinal therapy there are some substances that regulate the messenger substances in the brain in different ways. Which substance is the right one for a patient depends on the symptoms, the tolerance to the substance and the age of the patient; it is always an individual decision. The assessment of the force of shaking (tremor), the diagnosis and adaption of the medical therapy are performed about twice a year at a neurologist. 

The start-up Tremitas developed the mobile sensor system Tremipen: a sensor in shape of a pen with which patients can measure their tremor twice per day by themselves. For a measurement the Tremipen is held with a loose grip for 30 seconds, just like a regular pen, until the results are shown on the display. With the Tremipen it is possible to easily get precise measurement parameters; the documented results can be given to the attending doctor at the next appointment. The patient’s benefit is an ideal individual therapy.

UNIQA unterstützt Start-Up Tremitas

The Tremipen can be pre-ordered from 11th of April on Indiegogo: Interested people, that currently do not need a Tremipen, have the possibility to donate for the project.

UNIQA has pre-ordered 10 Tremipens that are donated to Parkinson’s patients.