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Carinthian Start-Up Tremitas launches Indiegogo Campaign for “Parkinson’s Pen”

Timely to the World Parkinson’s Day at 11th of April the start-up Tremitas from Klagenfurt launches a crowdfunding campaign with 30 days duration.…

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Collecting parameters for long-term diagnosis

The 26th president of the USA, Theodore Roosevelt, the late boxing legend Muhammed Ali and the actor Michael J. Fox are prominent examples for Parkinson’s patients. In Austria the former VP-politician and foreign minister Alois Mock is well known. All four examples show people who managed or still manage their everyday lives, although they are suffering from an uncurable disease. A long-standing problem for patients with Parkinson’s or Essential Tremor is the expensive and time-consuming method of assessing the tremor force; this is necessary for diagnosis and to find the correct medication. Until now tremor measurements are stationary and performed only twice a year. Because of that Tremitas developed the Tremipen; with the Tremipen it is possible for patients to measure their tremor objectively on a regular basis and make the data available to the attending doctor for long-term monitoring.


Family of founder affected

Tremitas founder Tibor Zajki-Zechmeister had to do with Parkinson’s and Essential Tremor: “Because there are tremor patients in some generations in my family, I’m occupied since my studies with the topic of optimisation of patients’ everyday lives. The doctor sees the patient not very often and because of that self-observation at home is very important. This self-observation helps to master everyday life. For instance, a patient can plan better, when rest or massages or sports activities are helping best”, says Zajki-Zechmeister.


30.000 Euros as funding target

The medical technician had the initial idea for the Tremipen in the year 2011, when he dealt with approaches for technical tools for tremor measurements. Zajki-Zechmeister wrote in his bachelor thesis about his concept of the Tremipen and was later accepted in the support program of the build! Gründerzentrum Kärnten, where he took his first steps. From now on he overtook the technical development, coordinated clinical trials and the certification processes at his med-tech start-up Tremitas. From the crowdfunding he expects the final step: “We have set ourselves the goal to reach the 30.000 Euros threshold within the 30 days duration. This amount of money helps us to finish the certification process and to enter the market with the Tremipen”, says Tibor Zajki-Zechmeister.


Mobile Sensor System

If you take a closer look at the Tremipen, you can see that the pen is a mobile sensor system. It is intended to be used to measure tremor parameters and perform measurements twice per day, before and after the intake of the medication, to objectively see how strong the shaking manifests. The measurement process is easy: the patients just need to hold the pen for 30 seconds in their hands before the results are shown on the display. The force of shaking is stated in milli-G, this prescribes the amplitude of the tremor. Another measured parameter is the tremor frequency. In a little tremor diary, the results can be noted and given to the attending doctor.


Start of the campaign on Indiegogo – Delivery of the Tremipen is planed from July

The four weeks duration of the crowdfunding campaign starts today at 12 p.m. on the World Parkinson’s Day and gives people the chance to either pre-order the Tremipen for a lower price or to support the project financially. The delivery of the product is planned for July. „We would be happy to reach the target as soon as possible. But we have more in mind”, says Zajki-Zechmeister. With reaching the next threshold of 50.000 Euros the realisation of an app and web application, with which the measurement parameters can be extracted from the device and stored, is planned; this will be possible because of the Bluetooth interface.