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Smart Pen measures mild shaking

An invention in medical technology that supports patients with tremor diseases had its origin at the FH Kärnten. That’s also the topic of the “Forum…

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Shaking hands are treacherous: The frequency of these minimal movements supports doctors in diagnostic processes of Parkinson’s Disease or other diseases. But the differences of these movements are so slight, that the human eye is hopelessly overstrained. Precise measurements are just possible with technical instruments – and such a technical instrument was developed by FH-graduate Tibor Zajki-Zechmeister: the “Tremipen”.

This medical device with the shape of a pen can determine the frequency and force of the shaking, in professional terminology called tremor. This is possible due to a sensitive sensor in the device; such sensors are also used in smartphones for evaluating movements of the users.

Why not programming a smartphone app? “Technically it could work but a smartphone would be to inaccurate. And our device should be used by doctors and in clinics so EU authorities have to certify it.”, says Zajki-Zechmeister.

His “Tremipen” is in the middle of the certification process; so now the medical technician is nearly at the end of a seven years span of developing, that started as project for his bachelor thesis at the FH Kärnten. He got the inspiration for this project from his great-grandfather who suffered from Parkinson’s and his shaking hands. The great-grandson knew that there where tremor measurement devices in bigger hospitals; but these are, with prices up to 30.000€, expensive, need about one hour for the measurement and trained personnel for the handling.

“With the Tremipen a measurement is performed in just 30 seconds, it can be also used at and with a price of 349 € it much more affordable”, says Zajki-Zechmeister. At first he turns to doctors that can add the measurement data to their diagnostic process and gauge the dose of medication.

A clinical trial at the Medical University of Graz has proven the functionality of the Tremipen in the year 2016. About 15 % of all humans are suffering from more that 50 types of tremor; therefore there is a need of this innovation: Six million people in Europe are suffering from Essential Tremor, 25% of these people are incapable to work.



Tremitas – that’s the company, that Tibor Zajki-Zechmeister founded in 2015. The “Tremipen” can be used at home and is available in July:

Event. “Treating movement disorders with medical technology: Focus Parkinson’s” is the topic of the upcoming Forum Technik at the FH. Experts give a talk at free entry.

Date. 07th of June, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., FH Campus Klagenfurt