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at the Medical University of Graz

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Smart pen Tremipen allows to monitor tremor objectively

“Until now there was no way for patients to monitor their tremor objectively on their own. The assessments are subjectively“, says founder Tibor…

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For people with neurological movement disorders the measurements are important – but these measurements, paid by health insurance, are performed just twice a year at a doctor’s office. For monitoring the course of the disease are independent measurements, that can be performed at home and on the go, a great help. For a measurement the Tremipen is held in the hand with a loose grip for 30 seconds. With the measured data it is possible for patients and relatives to monitor the course of the disease and act faster if there are changes. “Emotions like stress, rage or anger increase the shaking. Exercises like walking or swimming have a positive effect. What personally helps to improve everyday life is very individual. With the Tremipen everyone can figure out what helps”, says Zajki-Zechmeister further. Also the attending doctor can get the data on a regular basis and can use it for adapting the medication or therapy more efficiently.

On 11th of April the four-week crowdfunding campaign for the Tremipen started on Indiegogo: With the 30.000€ funding threshold the certification process of the handy measurement device can be finished. It was a long way for the innovative medical device from the idea in 2011 to the development, the completion of a clinical trial and the obligatory safety inspections. The young start-up entrepreneur Tibor Zajki-Zechmeister has family members with Parkinson’s and Essential Tremor, whom he wanted to help. Not at least because of that he is happy to have the product finished and to enter the market. The delivery of the Tremipen is planned for this summer.

From the start of the crowdfunding an 11th of April it is possible to pre-order a limited contingent of the Tremipen for 249€.