Measuring tremor made easy

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What is Tremor?

Shaking as a disease

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Clinical Trial

at the Medical University of Graz

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German Congress for Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders 2019

From 7th-9th of march, Tremitas attended the German Congress for Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders in Düsseldorf.

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CEO Tibor Zajki-Zechmeister presented the clinical trial with the Tremipen® at the Medical University of Graz during the scientific poster presentations.

The trial was performed in 2016; 30 patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor were recruited to test the Tremitas technology within a clinical setting. The trial showed that the Tremitas technology is capable to objectively measure tremor and its parameters amplitude, frequency and energy and can document how a medication affects the tremor.

Lively discussions and high interest of the participants showed again that the objective quantification of the symptoms of diseases like Parkinson’s plays an important role today. Like in many other areas, also the medicine sector takes a step towards the digitalisation – a step that can support physicians and patients alike in saving time and stress and also supports in diagnostic processes and therapy optimisation.