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at the Medical University of Graz

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Tremitas develops “Clinical Thermometer” for Parkinson’s Patients

For all kind of diseases there are measuring devices that can be used by patients at home: for fever there is a clinical thermometer, for high blood…

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Because of this the Tremipen® was developed. The initial thought was to develop a pen shaped measurement device that can capture the uncontrollable shaking of Parkinson’s and Essential Tremor patients. Due to measurements on a regular basis for a longer period it can be analysed how the shaking behaves or changes.

The Tremipen® offers three important advantages:

  • Tremor measurements are possible outside from clinics and laboratories
  • Patients get the opportunity to measure their tremor by themselves and can take the results to their next doctor’s appointment
  • It can be checked if and how a medication is influencing the tremor

The operating principle

The operating principle is explained very quick. At a clinical thermometer a button is pushed, after that the temperature is measured, then the result is shown on the display.

The Tremipen® works with the same operating principle. Patients activate the sensor with a push to the button and hold it in their hands. After 30 seconds the Tremipen® has measured the parameters and the results are shown on the display. The simple parameter, stated in milli-G, shows how strong the shaking was. Patients can perform measurements as often as they want and can create a course of their disease for themselves and their doctors. If the result is increasing, the shaking increased and vice versa; if it stays nearly the same, the shaking has not changed.


The project status

The Tremipen® was clinically tested at the Medical University of Graz under the leadership of Assoz. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Petra Schwingenschuh. The results of the trial showed, that the pen is not only as reliable as the actual used clinical devices, but also has a strong connection to the tremor assessment of clinical experts. From 11th of April, the World Parkinson’s Day, the Tremipen® can be pre-ordered in a crowdfunding campaign on the online platform Indiegogo. With the support of every person, the certification process as a medical device can be finished. The first 50 purchasers can pre-order the Tremipen® for a limited introductory price of € 249,- (instead of € 599,-)

For further information about the Tremipen® visit the website, there you can also subscribe for the newsletter.