Measuring Tremor made easy

The Tremipen® is the first mobile measurement device that can measure the shaking of the hands (tremor) objectively in just 30 seconds. The Tremipen® is as easy to use as a clinical thermometer: pushing the button, holding it for 30 seconds in one hand and in the end reading the results on the display.

The parameters, that are captured by the Tremipen®, are the tremor amplitude and the tremor frequency. The amplitude shows how strong the shaking is, the frequency shows the speed of the shaking. These two parameters are important for the quantification of tremor.



Tremipen® - Why measuring Tremor?

Learn in our video about the Tremipen® and why it is not only a measurement device but can improve tremor patients' quality of life.

Why Tremipen®?



Medical Device

The Tremipen® is a CE certified medical device: this guarantees the clinical benefit, the accuracy and the safety of the device.


Precise technology

The Tremipen® uses latest sensorics: precise sensors and fine-tuned electronic components measure the shaking exactly.



The case of the Tremipen® is made of biocompatible material. A reaction with the human skin is impossible.


Low weight

The low weight of the Tremipen® guarantees precise measurements. The shaking is not influenced by unnecessary weight.


Easy to use

A measurement is performed in three simple steps: pushing the power button, performing the measurement and reading the results on the display – all in just 30 seconds.


Made in Austria

The Tremipen® is fully developed and produced in Austria.

Support in Diagnosis

To identify the underlaying pathological process behind a tremor can be difficult, even for a trained doctor. Doctors need to look at the shaking for assessing it. Also, they get information about the tremor’s behaviour provided by their patients; they need to merge the information of their patients and their own assessment to get to a conclusion about diagnosis and to adapt therapies individually. For the diagnosis the measurement takes place at the doctor’s office. Due to regular measurements with the Tremipen® at home, patients generate a course of the disease, the doctors can determine their decisions and start new therapies more quickly. Read more about the use of the Tremipen® in doctors' offices and clinics.

Tremitas TremiPen 2018-03-12

Tremitas TremiPen 2018-03-12

Therapy Monitoring

Due to the easy use and the mobility of the Tremipen® it is possible, for the first time,to measure tremor outside of clinics and doctors’ offices.  Because this easy usability it is especially suitable for therapy monitoring and to document the effects of a medication objectively. For that the tremor is measured regularly and the results are noted. With noting the results, a trend of how the tremor behaves can be shown.  The notes can be taken to the doctor at the next appointment to show objectively how strong the shaking is at home. An eventual “demonstration effect”, were the shaking can behave differently at the appointment than at home, due to nervousness of similar, is bypassed. Read more about the benefits of the Tremipen® for private users here.

Measurement Process


A measurement with the Tremipen® is performed in three simple steps: pushing the button, holding it for 30 seconds in the hand and reading the results from the display.

  1. Before every measurement, after pushing the button, the Tremipen® provides 5 seconds of preparation time to get into position.
  2. The Tremipen® is held with a loose grip, just like a regular pen; the measurement starts with a peep sound. For the next 30 seconds the hand should not be moved deliberately.
  3. The measurement ends with another peep sound; the results are shown on the display.
  4. With pushing the button, it is possible to toggle between the two results.

Measurement Results of the Tremipen®

The Tremipen® extracts two important parameters for tremor quantification: the tremor amplitude (intensity of shaking) and the tremor frequency. The intensity of the shaking is stated in mG (milli-G), the frequency is stated in Hz (Hertz).

The tremor amplitude shows how strong a tremor has manifested. With that parameter it can also be shown how a medication affects the tremor: if the shaking calms after the intake of the medication, it takes effect, if nothing changes a new therapeutic approach needs to be considered. But not only a drug therapy can be monitored with the Tremipen®, also alternative treating methods to calm the tremor, like sports or changing the diet, can be checked.

The tremor frequency shows how fast a tremor has manifested. The frequency is an important parameter for the first assessment and to analyse the possible disease behind the tremor. Different tremor diseases develop different frequency bands; with the knowledge about the frequency the range of diseases that can stand behind the tremor can be decimated. Read further and more detailed information about the measurement parameters here.

App & Web Application

As an optional feature for the Tremipen® there will be an app for private users and a web application for medical experts available. With this app or web application it will be possible to extract the results from the Tremipen®. Therefore, it won’t be necessary anymore to write down the results by hand: the two applications can visualise the curve of the tremor in a table format or as graphic.

The Tremipen® stores up to 300 measurement results internally. An internal Bluetooth® interface makes the data transfer possible. The parameters of the stored measurements are the tremor amplitude, the tremor frequency and additionally the tremor energy and the time of the measurement.

Tremitas TremiPen 2018-03-12

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